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Counselling Warrington

Christina Broadbent – Counsellor (UK)
I have found working with Elena and Erwin a wonderful experience. From the moment they first made contact I have felt like they are working with me in partnership to get referrals and there has been nothing but support and encouragement from them with any queries that I have had.

As a Counselor working independently in private practice it is great for me to be able to concentrate on working with and supporting my clients rather than having to be spending my time marketing myself!

The system they use is easy to work with, the pricing structure is very fair and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to increase their client base!

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Gail Bartlett-Harris – Counsellor (NZ)
In 2017 I became motivated to not only increase my private practice (and decrease my contracted work) but also to try to attract the type of work I most enjoyed. I explained this to Erwin in our first contact and he indicated he could help.

My decision then was: Do I spend thousands of dollars getting an experienced web designer to do me a website that would ‘rank’ and bring me in clients – or should I enter a partnership with Erwin and Elena at no cost and give it a try.

The decision was easy! After all – I had nothing to lose. No set up fee. No responsibility in maintaining the site.

I am not quite sure how Erwin has done it – but through emails alone he has built my trust to a high level. Nothing is a problem. Responses are swift. And our relationship is one of mutual respect.

I now have a steady stream of private clients coming through the site and the type of work I most enjoy is finally starting to walk through my door and bringing a much needed balance to my practice. I highly recommend Erwin and Elena as partners.

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Pauline Hofstra

Pauline Hofstra – psychologist (NL)
A couple of years ago a collegue/friend of mine drew my attention to the websites of Erwin and Elena. As an independent psychologist I want to focus on the content of my profession and not on the hassle around it, like updating a website and making sure it’s findable on the internet.

From the day I entered the partnership and participated with the websites of Elena and Erwin, the new clients started flowing in. I experience the contact with Elena and Erwin as exceptionally pleasant and professional.

Monique Rosier

Monique Rosier – therapist (NL)
I’m very happy with our partnership. There is a constant flow of new clients. The sites are clear, findable, and the contact with Elena and Erwin is smooth. They walk their talk.

Josienna Davidse

Josienna Davidse – psychologist (NL)
I have a partnership with Erwin and Elena for quite some time now. At the beginning I saw it as an exciting experiment. As an independent psychologist I had always had my own channels, which worked, but it cost a lot of time and energy.

From the beginning the partnership was what I had hoped for and Erwin proved to be reliable. His websites were easy to find and people liked it, so from the beginning there was a flow of clients to my practice. This meant that I didn’t have to invest so much in being found by clients, and there was more piece of mind and time for the real work!

Erwin and Elena work on the base of mutual trust. I like that. And although it is of course a businesslike deal, I experience that there is no pursuit of profit. They know what they are doing and what they have to offer, and still they offer reasonable and fair prices. It’s a win-win for us both.

In the past years I’ve seen their company grow and develop. They do this interactive and transparant. I’ve always had the feeling that if I have tips or suggestions, I can let them know. The communication is clear and friendly. I see this partnership continue for a long time.

Karin Lepelaars

Karin Lepelaars – therapist (NL)
I came into contact with Erwin through a colleague. I got a quick response on my question if I could become a partner and the arrangements after that went very smooth. Before I knew it the website was online and ranked high in the searchresults in my area.

Thanks to our partnership I was able to take the step to become a fulltime independent therapist. It’s nice to be able to hand over the acquisition to them, so that I can focus on what I like, namely the content of my profession.

They work with a fair principle: I only pay a fee if I get a new paying client, and then only for the first session. This makes it a win-win situation.

The contact with Elena and Erwin is pleasant and easy going. They know what they are doing. Thanks for this great partnership.

Dennis Oosterwijk

Dennis Oosterwijk – therapist (NL)
For about five years I have a partnership with Erwin and I’m very happy with it. He delivers what he promises: Potential customers find me on the internet and I get extra clients.
The biggest advantage for me is that I can focus on my caseload. He does the online promotion and marketing for me.

What I appreciate the most with our partnership is that it is based on trust and integrity, exactly my own values, personally and profesionally. I can recommend every professional caretaker a partnership with Erwin.

Pieternel Geurts

Pieternel Geurts – therapist (NL)
About half a year ago I entered a partnership with Erwin and Elena, and I’m so happy with it. I wish I had heard about it earlier!

Now I get many more clients, because they can find me. Before I was always looking for ways to promote and advertise myself, and that made me insecure.

They know what they are doing on the internet, and I’m happy to make use of that! I also experience the contact with Erwin and Elena as very pleasant: fast, accurate and with good advice that is “to the point”.

Conclusion: I am very happy with their services!

Alexander Verbree

Alexander Verbree – psychologist (NL)
Erwin and Elena offer a service that really gives results for you. They know everything about being found on the internet, and I get a lot of new clients. They are always thinking along with me and the contact is efficient. I can really recommend their service.

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