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Erwin - extra clients

Erwin Coenen
After my study business administration, marketing and market research (Tilburg University – Netherlands) I worked as a manager in business life.

I also studied psychotherapy and had my own practice for psychotherapy and coaching. During the years I had my practice I specialised in internetmarketing and how to get new clients using the internet. Since 2010 I am doing this for colleagues and their practices in the Netherlands and since 2017 also in New Zealand and the UK.

Elena - extra clients

Elena Åseby
I am originally from Sweden, but I have lived abroad since I was 19. Since more than 10 years I spend a lot of time in the UK as a part of my family lives here.

After finishing my study in economics (Utrecht University) I worked for more than five years in international marketing and recruitment and with promoting study abroad programmes within the field of higher education.

Since the beginning of 2015 I have been working with Erwin and his project extra-clients in the Netherlands, a successful internet marketing business for psychologist, therapists and counsellors.

How did extra-clients.com start?
During the years that Erwin had his own practice, he noticed that his collegues were struggling to get new clients to find them online.

Some of them invested a lot of time, trying to figure it out by themselves. Others invested a lot of money in internetmarketing companies to help them. In most cases it costed a lot of time, money and energy, and often it didn’t have the results they wanted.

At a certain moment Erwin discovered that he was more passionate about recruiting clients online, than treating clients. At that moment he decided to stop with his practice and instead to focus on using his knowledge and passion to find clients for his colleagues instead.

In Januari 2017 he moved from The Netherlands to New Zealand, although a part of the year he will be in the UK and the Netherlands. Since it is an internet business, he can work from everywhere.

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"From the day I entered the partnership and participated with the websites of Elena and Erwin, the new clients started flowing in."

"The biggest advantage for me is that I can focus on my caseload. They do the online promotion and marketing for me."

"Thanks to our partnership I was able to take the step to become a fulltime independent therapist."

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