Extra clients

Extra clients for counsellors and therapists


What we offer

✔ Extra clients for your practice
✔ No clients = no costs
✔ Membership of Therapycounselling – network of therapists and counsellors

Are you a counsellor, therapist or psychologist in the UK or New Zealand, and could you use some extra clients for your practice?

More and more potential clients use the internet in their search for a counsellor, therapist or psychologist. We make sure that these potential clients find your practice and make an appointment with you.

Our services
The service we offer is simple and straight forward: more clients for your practice.

Our services are available for counsellors, therapists and psychologists.

We build a professional website for you and/or you get profiles on our portal sites, making sure that:

✔ You are (better) findable online in your area
✔ You are presented in a professional way
✔ Potential clients make an appointment with you

Once the website is online, we continue optimizing the website and do internetmarketing to make sure that there is a flow of new clients.

We offer our service in New Zealand, the Netherlands and the UK.
We work successfully with more than 150 therapists, psychologists and counsellors.

In New Zealand our partnerships are connected in the network Therapycounselling.net.
In the UK our partnerships are connected in the network Therapycounselling.org.

What are the costs?
✔ You only pay a one time fee per new client (about half of the first session)
✔ You don’t have to pay us for building the website or for our internetmarketing
✔ You don’t have to make an investment

Question: So if I don’t get any new (paying) clients, it doesn’t cost me anything?
Answer: Exactly! If you don’t get any new clients, it doesn’t cost you anything. That’s our risk.

The partnership
Considering the concept of our services, we cannot work with everyone.
Before we start a new partnership we always investigate if we expect it to be profitable for you and for us.

We look at several things:

  • The location of the practice
  • The background of the therapist / psychologist / counsellor
  • The services offered by the therapist / psychologist / counsellor
  • If we already have partnerships in the region
  • The fees for the sessions

When we decide to start up a partnership, we make it a win-win situation since we have the same interest: more clients for you.

Examples of websites and portal-sites in New Zealand:

Examples of websites in England:

Would you like to know if we can offer you this service?
Send us a message and tell us a little bit about your practice.

Erwin & Elena

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✔ Extra clients for your practice
✔ No clients = no costs

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"From the day I entered the partnership and participated with the websites of Elena and Erwin, the new clients started flowing in."

"The biggest advantage for me is that I can focus on my caseload. They do the online promotion and marketing for me."

"Thanks to our partnership I was able to take the step to become a fulltime independent therapist."

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